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    While we may have been lacking reasons to put on ‘any’ real clothes over the past months, never mind our favourite ones, there is a lot to be said for making the most of the current situation. 

    And now that the pubs and restaurants are open, we are finding joy in daydreaming about these places and joy in putting on together outfits and experimenting with the new trends.

    Stone Island has for over 35 years created garments that are weatherproof, experimental, symbolic of multiple subcultures. However its vital achievement is establishing a brand that is truly trend-proof.

    You can get to know more about trends if you get to know businesses that work in Stone Island in 1985 the Italian sportswear helped to change the way men dress, you are taken away by the attention to details, functionality and finishing by the design team. You can talk to its creative team of refugees from London fashion on any anything on fashion drama. You will be able to see an extremely successful company that still runs in a family-style with no need to gain from it.

    Culture has always played an important role in fashion and street-wear by inspiring designers. However a fashion brand like Raf Simons, or street-wear a brand like Supreme, that actively mines culture for inspiration, Stone Island has played a vital role in culture creation. In addition to the above Stone Islands has also helped create Subcultural early to give visual cues to differentiate itself. 

    The logo on Stone Island was created by Massimo Osti, a legendary funder and first designer of Stone Island.

    In 2012 Stone Island celebrated its 30th anniversary, it displayed its impressive archive at Pitti Uomo in Florence and International launch of its accompanying book. It was a watershed moment for everyone at the company.

    You can not talk about Stone Island without talking about Massimo Osti, who gave the brand a unique DNA of utilitarian design and innovation. By 1982, Stone Island was already established and was producing clothes that were functional and elegant. Osti’s most famous garment was the Mille Miglia jacket with a hood featuring a pair of goggles that were inspired by military gas mask.

    The fervent embraced by the customers of Stone Island is an doubtfully part of the reason for its success. Its fan based is as immense and fanatical as those of football clubs.

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