6 Must-Try Street Style Fashion Ideas for Me

When it comes to men’s fashion, most of their clothing is fairly basic. One or two pairs of denims, some casual t-shirts and polos, considerable office wear, couple of hoodies and jackets and a few pairs of shoes, more or less make up the whole of a guy’s wardrobe. And while there’s nothing that makes a man look dapper and elegant as a tailored suit, the latest trend of street style can do wonders in turning heads on the road, if done correctly. Regardless of who you are as a professional, when on the streets, going casual and sporty is the best way to go. Without further ado, here are some of the best street style fashion ideas for men;

1) Leather Jacket

The one trend that can never go wrong, regardless of the season or occasion is leather. A brown leather jacket over a light t-shirt or button down shirt and washed out denims is the perfect street style which is smart and casual at the same time. And if you wish to aim for a more authentic look, pair a black leather biker jacket a white t-shirt and light blue denims and you’ll master the art of cool yet sophisticated street dressing.

2) Tailored Coat over Hoodie and Denims

While street style generally involves casual wear, it’s not uncommon to drape a chic, tailored coat over a hoodie. Although unconventional, this street style is a fantastic, tried and tested idea that is flaunted by a number of A-list celebrities from the Jonas brothers to Michael Jordan. Just add dark coloured denims and sneakers to this ensemble and you’re all set to rock this street look like a celebrity.

3) Colourful Short Sleeve Shirts

If you thought the era of button-down shirts is long gone, think again. Not only is it very much in fashion, but is popular among both, youngsters and middle-aged men. An ideal choice for a hot summer day, a colourful short-sleeve shirt, a pair of chinos and moccasins will make you look stylish and dapper, regardless of the weather.

4) Cropped and Torn Denims

No matter how plain your wardrobe, you will still probably own at least one pair of cropped or torn denims. This street style caught on the youth like fire and is here to stay. If you want to go for a cool and relaxed style for a lazy evening with friends, just pair a graphic or plain t-shirt with a torn or cropped pair of denims, complete the look with white sneakers and get ready to make a style statement without any effort.

5) Beanies and Hip-Hop Caps

Street style ideas are incomplete if we don’t mention beanies and hip-hop caps. Made popular by celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, David Beckham and Johnny Depp, beanies are often considered synonymous with street style. And if Jay-Z or Kanye West are your go-to inspiration for fashion and music, then owning a few hip-hop caps could help you look super cool when aiming to perfect the laid back street style.

6) Fanny Packs and Cross-body Bags

You don’t have to feel embarrassed if you owned a fanny pack back in the day, because that trend is back in men’s fashion. Convenient yet snazzy accessories, fanny packs and cross-body bags go fabulously well with casual attires, over a jacket or underneath.

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