C.P. Company

CP Company Men’s Collection is one of the most innovative and well-established fashion brands, which has been enjoying favourable popularity since it’s inception in 1975. when Massimo Osti created Chester Perry. An experienced graphic designer based on his skills quickly created a characteristic style. In 1978, as a result of a trial, the brand changed its name from Chester Perry to C.P. Company. As the founder and principal innovator of the garment dyeing technique in the early 1970s The brand is especially recognised for their constant experimentation with new manufacturing techniques and their commitment towards delivering the trendiest apparels that also have enhanced functionality.


As a company dedicated towards producing an exclusive line of clothing wherein each piece of apparel is individually designed,

The brand invests considerable time and effort into ensuring that all its clothes are carefully designed and made from innovative fabrics for long-lasting use and relevance.


The brand with special expertise in men’s clothing. It offers an attractive range of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants and their signature goggle beanies.

CP Company creates bespoke colour, the most recent section throughout the entire existence of article of clothing colouring. For over 45 years, the brand has kept on spearheading the hybridisation of authentic models of military, work and active apparel, consolidating them seriously with investigated and best in class Italian material developments.

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