One of the most stylish and recognised Italian fashion brands in the world, Missoni was established in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita as a knitwear business. Now, it includes a variety of multi-faceted apparels for men and women, and also has a contemporary range of household linen. Popular for its multicoloured aesthetics and stylish range of chic and elegant clothing lines that define the modern fashion trends.

Missoni Women’s COLLECTION

From modish dresses to trendy tops, Missoni women’s clothing line includes everything that suits the needs of a modern day fashionista. That’s not all, it also offers stylish accessories and classy knitwear that is perfect for making even the dull, cold weather more colourful and interesting.


The voguish men’s clothing range by Missoni includes a fabulous collection of casual but smart shirts, vibrant t-shirts, shorts and other accessories that are tailor-made for men with a swanky sense of style.

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