Originally a classic motorcycle company that was started in 1878, Matchless has a rich history of producing signature fashion collections that have been flaunted by several celebrities, on and off-screen. Their iconic leather jackets and blousons have become synonymous with style, luxury and sophistication. Regardless of any current fashion trends, Matchless apparels are invariably regarded as being top of the range for both men and women. 

Matchless Clothing for Men 

From Marlon Brando and James Dean to Dane Dehaan, movie stars have proudly flaunted signature matchless clothing collections for men in their movies and outside. Made using the latest technology and the most high-end fabrics, Matchless range of apparels for men includes jackets, coats, blousons, pants, t-shirts, shirts, waistcoats and sweatshirts, as well as other accessories and footwear. 

Matchless Clothing for Women 

Designed for adventurous yet luxury loving women, Matchless clothing for women is high on style, comfort and durability. From t-shirts, jackets, blousons and jerseys, to caps, bags and wallets, Matchless apparels and accessories for women are a class apart thanks to their quality, versatility and design.