When it comes to blending functionality with style and elegance, no other brand does it better than the superlative Italian apparel brand, Established by Giuseppe Marenzi in the 1900’s with the aim of producing world-class raincoats and well-made coats that can provide protection while also take care of the aesthetics , The brand has become one of the most widely recognized Italian clothing brands in the world.

Herno Men’s Clothing

When it comes to classy men’s jackets and coats, very few brands come close to Herno’s products. Offering a wide variety of sophisticated outer wear including raincoats, blousons, jackets and tailored coats, The luxury menswear collection is redefines sophistication and functionality.

Herno Women’s Clothing

Whether it is classic cashmere fur coats and trendy bomber jackets, or durable trench coats and sports jackets, Women’s wear includes a range of aesthetically rich and functionally dependable coats and jackets that are designed with passion, precision and style.

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